Baseline - Getting Started

When running Rampiva Baseline for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Rampiva Baseline from The first time you log in, the Guided Experience mode will take you through the various configuration steps of the application.

  2. Register on the Rampiva Portal at to get a license

  3. Apply the license in Rampiva Baseline

  4. Download and unzip the Nuix Engine from If you have Nuix Cases in older versions, download the Engines with the corresponding versions

  5. Run a scan in Rampiva Baseline

  6. Download PowerBI Desktop from

  7. Create an access key in the Rampiva Portal

  8. Get the
    Baseline - Introductory Dashboards 20220919.pbix (390.4 KB)

  9. Refresh the PowerBI Dashboard. When prompted to log in to the OData feed, select the Basic authentication. For the username and password, use the access key ID and secret created in the Rampiva Portal.

  10. For information on what data is available in the dashboard and how the calculations were performed, see the Dashboards Dictionary KB article.


Launch Day! If you have any questions as you start to explore Rampiva Baseline, just let me know!


Rampiva Baseline is up and running! Great stuff guys! Here is my dashboard in PowerBI:


Hi Community,
I’ve recorded a quick video that shows an overview of Rampiva Baseline. I hope this is useful.


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